Does your organization need to....

  • Strengthen alignment between leadership and employees?
  • Make plans for or integrate a recent acquisition?
  • Create a more collaborative workforce?
  • Drive culture change?
  • Find ways to increase employee engagement in the business?
  • Determine how effective your internal communication effort is or develop strategies to improve it?
  • Restructure and align the organization in support of a large-scale system implementation or due to centralizing or outsourcing?

How we can help...

  • Leading-edge communication strategies and plans
  • Evaluation of communication methodologies and implementation of effectiveness audits
  • Tailored change management strategies to support organizational and cultural transformation
  • Effective strategies to strengthen employee engagement
    • Employee focus groups
    • Surveys
    • One-on-one interviews
    • Internal social media
    • Two-way communication strategies and tools
  • Project management, including coordination with other third party providers
  • Partnerships with thought leaders in other key areas:
    • Organizational design
    • Workforce planning
    • HR programs
    • Marketing communication and graphic design
    • Public relations
    • Sustainability strategies and consulting
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